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About Us


RBR Award Pins is all about keeping things simple and personal. We are a small business dedicated to providing the perfect token for your shooting event.

We are a husband and wife team from Idaho. My name is Bob and my wonderful wife of over 40 years is Carrie. I have been a BPCR and .22 BPCR shooter for several years here in the northwest. I have also competed in several other shooting disciplines from pistol to shotgun since I was 9 years old. We are retired now and, after Roy from R&S Pins told me he was retiring, I knew right away that carrying on the business that he built, would be the perfect fit for us. We get to stay busy and continue to cater to the shooting sports in which we all enjoy. We look forward to dealing with the great people that participate and run the many matches across the country.

Shoot sharp, often, and support the 2nd Amendment of our great USA.

Be safe,


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